Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Storm water is rising.

I have, just in time for summer to be over, started knitting with the sea-silk.

It took me forever to decide that I like this pattern. I hated knitting with two yarns, I don't like purling through the back of the loop, I just was cranky about it. But, I didn't find anything I liked better.

Then, I saw a woman knitting the same pattern at Winnipeg's knit out on August 19. Hers looked pretty good, so I went hunting for a new copy of the pattern, because I misplaced mine in my disaster of a house. Found a new one, and it has been amended so that only one strand is used, and there is no purling through the back of the loop.

Must have been a sign.

I swatched, blocked and cast on before the swatch was dry. I'm loving it.

I'm also loving that I got royally sunburned on the first official day of fall. Can't complain about that, especially today, when I wish I had a proper jacket. And a hat.

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