Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well, there goes another weekend

I was at a meeting last week, and a couple of my fellow committee members were squeeing over my bag, because they'd seen me working on it. These particular committee members are also crafters, so they understand. Another committee member looked over and said that he didn't know where I found the time.

I smiled and said something about there being plenty of time on the bus and waiting for appointments. All knitters know that squeezing in the odd round here and there can really add up (and keeps us from killing stupid people. Knitting really takes the edge off the desire to commit murder).

I got thinking about that this afternoon, because here it is, 6 pm on Sunday, and I'm still in my pajamas. I have a to-do list as long as my arm, and I've done nothing all weekend but knit. And cook a little. A girl has to eat something to soak up the wine.

I can't help it. I am utterly captivated by the purple, yellow, green and turquoise in this hand-dyed skein (which sounds like it should be clown-barf, but it's not). The feel of the silk sliding through my fingers and along the needle is music to my hands.

The pattern is so random and clever, and I say to myself "just one more row" because I'm desperate to find out what happens next. It's better than any gripping novel.

So, yeah. That half-shawl pictured above (and believe me, the colours are way, way nicer in real life) is why:

- the kitchen cupboards have not been defuzzified
- the laundry is not done
- my hair is lank and greasy
- the new batch of wine has not been started
- there is still (STILL!) wallpaper to be stripped in the study

All that aside, sometimes knitting does take forever. These socks took nearly two months. Same yardage as the shawl I'm now making, but navy blue ribbing with one boring little cable, man-sized in hard-wearing yarn just isn't as awe-inspiring. Glad these are done.

With that said, I should probably get up and scoop the poop. And have a shower. I have to go to bed in four hours. Should get the chores out of the way now.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I really wish I subscribed to HBO Canada right now.

On Sunday night, a series premieres, and I MUST. WATCH. IT. Game of Thrones is based on the first novel of A Song of Ice and Fire.

I listened to the first four novels in the series last summer while drinking wine and knitting on the cement pad. I picked them because each novel was at least 36 hours long (I have no idea what that means in pages). That was my only criteria.

Iwas captivated about 15 minutes in and I spent every spare moment listening for the next month.

Some of the characters on the good side are horrible. Some of the villains are so noble and kind they should be playing for the other team. People get hurt, people get killed. Heroines are so whiny and infuriating that you want to smack them upside the head. Gross, violent disgusting things happen. Some amazingly sweet and tender moments are sprinkled in the saga as well.

I soaked every word up. I dreamed about the books. I had trouble concentrating on things like... walking, because I was listening so intently. I forgot to eat. I fell asleep listening to them late at night. I was pissed off when I discovered that three more books are to follow, and the publication of the fifth has been delayed by several years (it's being published for sure this coming July. If Facebook says so, it must be true).

So... I will figure out a way to watch this, and must find a new knitting project to accompany it. Something ambitious, but not too complicated. Hmmm... should probably be lace.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I spend far too much time on the internet

But it is such a delicious way to waste said time.

Today, I've been catching up on Reasoning with Vampires. (What? It's Friday afternoon. There's no way I'm actually going to work).

I found this delightful Tumblr during a similar Friday afternoon several months ago, while reading the Huffington Post.

These are just a few of the posts that have actually made me laugh out loud this afternoon (and that was not good, because accounting is no laughing matter. I could have totally blown my cover).

I don't really have any desire to read Twilight, though I do own the first one (bought used for one dollah), and if anything I have read about it is true; I will absolutely loathe it. So, the mocking is funny. Really, really funny. More people should think about what they read so critically and talk about it so wittily.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There has been some knitting going on

Despite the near-endless family drama, televised debates to scream at, and many blogs to read, I actually have been doing what this blog is supposed to be about: knitting.

I know. I'm shocked too.

Those 14 balls of yarn from a few weeks ago? I made a bowl and a box from nine of them.

The last five got turned into this delightful little thing:

It's a bag, big enough to hold my netbook, my lunch, my knitting and maybe a book. Just the thing that a girl on the go needs for a long day away from home.

Pattern: Felted Bag with Mitered Squares (creative, no?). Modifications can be found, as usual, on my Ravelry project page.

The best part is, I now have a tiny bit of room in the china cabinet. I may (ya think?) fill it with some new yarn.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My inner nerd is absolutely delighted

with the Periodic Table of Fictional Elements. I came to enjoy science fiction and fantasy much later in life than most nerds do. I sure am making up for lost time.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something uplifting

I just found this website. The photos are beautiful.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fuck you, you homophobic assholes!

I've ranted in every online fora I'm a part of. I've ranted in real life. I've flounced on facebook.

But, it's not enough. I am still pissed off. Actually, I am more than pissed off. I am HULK SMASH ANGRY. And, that anger is not going to go away anytime soon. So, in the interest of protecting my blood pressure, I'm going to try and get this off my chest.

Gay is not a lifestyle choice. It is not a disease. It is biology. Some people are born attracted to people with the same parts. Some people are attracted to people with the same parts and people with the other parts at the same time. Some people don't like parts at all. Some people are born attracted to the opposite parts.

And all of the above is not any of your business unless you are the party directly involved in the attraction of the parts.

So if your young niece/cousin that you barely know announces that she is marrying another woman, you smile and say, "Congratulations!"

That is the only socially correct response. You do not email my mother and give her a blast about said niece being an abomination unto God. You do not hijack a 65th anniversary party with your bigotry and hate. You do not have a say. It is none of your business.

And, this is perhaps my biggest problem: you do not pressure my mother into lying to me.

Because my mom shouldered this burden all by herself, because she didn't want me to go HULK SMASH, because she knows that I have strong opinions and she knows that I've been on the brink of blowing for years.

Well, perhaps Mom had a point, in the interest of protecting herself.

I've had it. I've had it with being polite and pretending that I don't see that you think I am unaware of God's will because I am divorced. I drink! I dance! I have sex outside of marriage! I have multiple lovers at the same time. I will not have children. I will have a fulfilling, rewarding career in a traditionally male field. And I will be successful. I have smiled and not talked about my life, because I'm not interested in what you think. Your secret condemnation is (here's a clue) NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Really, I am not interested in your questions, your ferreting for information so that you can pray for me. I don't believe in your god. I don't believe in any god. And, I'm really not interested in your opinions. Your opinions of me don't matter. I don't like any of you very much; haven't for quite some time now.

But you do not get to stand up and tell another person of your own blood that you don't agree with her "lifestyle". No. Not now, not ever. Now that I really know what was going on, I'm done with you. I never want to see any of you again.
I will not allow you to crush this young woman like you tried to crush me. I will have nothing to do with you ever again. I will support her, and cry tears of joy at her wedding. Then I will get really drunk and dance until my knees hurt.