Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two months without socks

I just realized that I haven't worked on a sock since December 26, 2010. Wow. But, there's a reason for that.

A while ago, I talked about making vests. Well, I finished knitting one about a month ago, but I got busy on Monday (Louis Riel Day, how I love you) and sewed it up.

I am quite pleased. It is a welcome addition to my work wardrobe. Details are here, for those who are inclined.

And in more non-sock news, I made it! Done the day after the initial deadline, but the shower has been postponed for two weeks. I'll have to wash this lovely wee blanket again to get the smell of my house out of it before the Sunday afternoon of wine and tiny sandwiches, but I'm quite pleased with the blanket (I'm definitely using Frankie's patterns again; they are so much fun). The wee nipper it's destined for is pretty cute as well. I wish the blanket and the baby a long and happy life together.

Completing the blanket was delayed when I realized that I had a birthday gift to knit with the perfect yarn sitting in my stash. I whipped this off in a week:I don't normally knit with red, and I certainly don't knit with acrylic. But, this was fun, and I'm pretty sure it was appreciated. Perhaps I should break out of my comfort zone more often.

So.... socks. It's time to have a reasonably-sized portable project.

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