Friday, February 16, 2007


Um, I like to knit. In fact, I think I'm rather good at it. So good that I frequently knit successfully while drinking (adult beverages, of course) in bars. While flirting. Which is also something I'm good at.

Please note, however, that I am posting this at 10 pm on a Friday night. I'm not THAT good a flirt. Or perhaps the objects of my flirtation are not very worthy these days. I'll let you know after tomorrow night, when I will be drinking, dancing and knitting. Not necessarily in that order.

Knitting content will follow, once I've figured out how my digital camera works, how to make it talk to my computer and how to upload photos in Blogger. I'm told that's difficult sometimes.

Please be warned: I own cats, and I'm an accountant. I will try to be informative and entertaining, but I promise nothing.

Knit on, everyone.

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