Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slowly finding the surface

The show was two weeks ago, and I've sat down at the computer many times to write.

Then wrote nothing.

I don't know where to start, with the journey I was on for that short five weeks that is the social highlight of my year.

How about some photos of knitting?

Rehearsal socks. Basic sock pattern, too small for me. Details to be entered on Ravelry. Eventually.

Sweater for Junior B. That name is bulky, and she shall henceforth be known as Lillibean. Trust me, it fits. Argh, details on Rav to follow.

This is, believe it or not, a much, much smaller version of the same sweater shown above. It's for my vet's assistant's daughter. Let me explain... no, is too long. Let me sum up; lady I like had baby. I make present.

Big brother or dad socks. These suckers are huge (Six-ply yarn FTW!). If I stick my arm in them, with my fingers at the toe, the cuff ends up at my elbow. And I have long limbs. Really long limbs.

Well, that was good for me. How's about you?


hbacmama said...

Well I feel oddly satisfied.
Very nice. Love the rehearsal socks!

Anonymous said...

knitpron...ahhh good times!

i love love LOVE your rehearsal socks. brilliant colours!