Thursday, January 28, 2010

Skinny sticks and skinnier string

It is common knowledge, among my knitting peeps, that the skinnier the sticks and string, the happier I am.

There is a reason I knit mostly socks - skinny sticks and string are required.

But. I do have a favourite "big" needle size. It is 4 mm. That's right, a big needle, to me, is 4 mm in circumference.

I also have a favourite super-skinny string. It is Malabrigo Lace (#242, Intenso. Scroll down). A dreamy, heavenly, super-soft single that knits up into a lacy, airy wave that you'd think you were knitting a cloud (if clouds were hot pink and orange, that is).

So, when my peeps on LSG suggested a knit-a-long for the Geodesic Cardigan in the most recent Knitscene, well, I'm in.

How cute is this? It's adorable!

I've got the yarn and the needles. I need a cardigan.

(P.S. I started swatching tonight).

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