Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So, I got some shit the other day

My dearest friend N, told me in no uncertain terms the other day to get back at blogging.

So, I am.

Since I stopped documenting my projects, I've made six pairs of socks, two-and-a-half sweaters, a hat and finished a shawl. I've uploaded the pics to Flickr, and I might get those up on Ravelry. Maybe.

The most important thing, however (and it makes me sort-of sad to say that this is important - what has happened to me?) is that Mustache Man referred to himself as "your partner" the other day.

The bugger is listening to me! He's heard and understood that I despise the word "boyfriend."

I've found a man that listens! Holy shit, he's been proposing since our second week of acquaintance, and I've been blowing him off, because it is way, way too early for that. But still, listening is an attractive quality in a man.

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