Monday, November 15, 2010

See my vest! See my vest!

Made from real gorilla chest....

A while ago, a friend gave me a vest she'd made but wasn't wearing.

Pattern from Chic Knits.

Mine is in heathered greys and has lovely shiny buttons. It just slid into my work wardrobe. So much so that I wear it at least once a week in fall/winter/early spring.

That's got me thinking that I need more vests. Vests, and I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, are the perfect article of clothing for me.
  • I layer things, and a vest, by its very nature, is meant to be layered.
  • There are no pesky too-short sleeves that make my extra-long arms look freakishly long.
  • I have lots of yarn in the stash that isn't quite enough for a sweater, but is just right for a vest.
  • Vests are probably fast to knit. See again: no sleeves.
I'm at the point where I am ready to choose a new project, and I am dithering between these:

photo from here

Of course, my favourite is in German. I don't speak German, and I really doubt that Google translate speaks knitting.


Julie K said...

I like the pink one - go for it :)

Anonymous said...

Yet, you know people who do speak German... one whose father wrote knitting patterns, in German when she was a child.
Just sayin'... say the word and this house can start in on it.