Monday, June 18, 2007

I hereby solemnly swear

that I will finish these sweaters very, very soon.

I have one work appropriate sweater, and I've been wearing it while gardening. Not fit for the office right now. So, today, I shivered at my desk wearing Icarus across my shoulders and another wrap over my legs like a blanket. I had goosebumps everywhere all day. Not at all work-appropriate in a thin white t-shirt.

Blue sweater is this cabled hoodie (cover pattern). The yarn is Briggs and Little, grown and spun in New Brunswick and purchased in Halifax. I do believe I was a little bit drunk in that yarn shop (I had to phone the nice people at Visa in order to eat for the last two days of my holiday). That was BEFORE I got seriously back into knitting after a brief hiatus. I started the sweater when I got home. That's right. It's needed a hood, zipper and sewing up for about four years now. I decided this winter that the reason it wasn't done was because I, however much I adore hoods on casual sweaters, do not like them for professional wear, and I dress half-assed professionally all the time. Even on weekends. I know, I'm a freak. Then, there's the whole zipper thing. I've never done that before with knitting. I don't do well with zippers and fabric, so this could be interesting.

The bright-screaming purple/pink is this pattern. Yarn is Galway Heather, and I adore it. It's thick, not scratchy (to me. I have a leather hide, I think). It's straight-up 100% wool, good for just about everything. I bought the yarn this winter at my beloved Wolseley Wardrobe, just when I started going to knit night. I wanted a bright, simple cardigan for the office, and I wanted it quickly. Sadly, it got cast aside when I could no longer bear to only think about Icarus any longer. Oh, and some hats and about a thousand pairs of socks got in the way.

I realize it seems strange to be thinking about finishing sweaters when we are staring at the two hottest months of the year, but damn, the office was cold today. (Of course, two meals in two days and only four hours of sleep last night had nothing to do with it, correct?). For the record I was not hung-over. Though, the only thing missing was the headache. The rest of it felt the same.

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Knittingknutty said...

Your so talented. I have yet to move beyond scarves, purses, or hats. Although I have to say my sock is coming along nicely. I have big plans for garments but never actually do it. Alot of planning and no action...that's my motto.