Monday, June 25, 2007

Sittin' and spinnin'

Yesterday and today just flew by. Spinning is so much fun, and I suck. I can't wait until I'm good at it - how much more fun will it be then? The mind boggles.

We all had a wheel to play with, lots of different fibres to try, picked colours to dye a fleece, heard all about washing, dying, we steamed yarn, plied yarn, combed fleece, carded fleece, used a drum carder and skein winders and niddy-noddies. I finally figured out what an orifice is, and why it needs a hook.

Even tried using a spindle. I suck even more at that, but I bought one and a bunch of fibre anyway. Also bought some dyes. I learned what Scotch tension is, and what a lazy kate is, and some of the history of spinning, and how different fibres spin differently.

And, and, and it was so much fun that I never want to go back to my crappy job. I just want to sit in the country among the flower pots, battling mosquitoes and spinning. Seriously, if I wasn't all responsible and grown-up like, I would stop squashing my inner hippie, live in the boonies and spin.

Here are some photos:

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Deborah Cryderman said...

How is it possible that I want fibre more than I want jewellry or riches? LOOK at that beautiful stuff! I'm so envious!