Monday, August 6, 2007

One more day

I woke up this morning from a terrible dream. The dream was about tomorrow, my last day at Investing Hell, Inc. I dreamt that I went to work naked except for a ridiculously high pair of heels, and every person who irritated me in elementary school was there to wish see me off. How weird is that? It makes no sense, and I do not care to analyze it.

The last week of work was agonizing. The evening shift did not go well, any day, and during the day, I was madly trying to pump stuff out to ease the burden on those left behind. However, having my "not my problem" shield on helped very much. I just counted down the days, just like a kid counts down the days to summer vacation.

I am so excited about getting back to a normal routine. Having office hours that do not extend into the evening. Being able to take a lunch break around noon, not three. Doing meaningful work instead of reading 400 emails that don't apply to my job. Mostly, I'm looking forward to being excited about going to work in the morning.

I've learned lots about me in the past six weeks or so.

I've learned that I must have meaningful work. I am a "live to work" person and not a "work to live" person.

I've learned that when I make a decision and mean it, I can make things happen quickly.

I've learned that when part of my life is unsatisfactory, all of my life is unsatisfactory.

I've also learned that attitude is everything. If you expect good things to happen, good things do happen.

To be truthful, all of those things are things that I already knew. I had just forgotten.

We all need reminders, once in a while, I suppose.

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Deborah Cryderman said...

I have been away TOO long. First - congrats on the BOY!! I'm very, very happy for you. Second - the old job... I hope the last day went well and you're happy to walk out that door for the last time. Third - the NEW job. I hope it is all you've dreamed it would be and nothing involving high heels, nudity and elementary school bullies. Forth - the kick in the attitude butt - thank you. I needed a reminder, too.