Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Workin' 9 to 5

I'm loving it. Rather, I'm loving working 8 to 4:30.

I produced the July financial statements today. Including statements of change in financial position (most people fail this section in accounting school. I loved it). Whee! It was so much fun. I can see lots of potential for improvement, just basic things, now that there is somebody (me!) who has the time and inclination to do such things. I can't wait until I truly understand things and can go to town with all my ideas.

I am just a little bit happy to do real accounting again.

But, still, I am Misstea, and cannot avoid my usual troubles.

I wore a white shirt yesterday. One of my nicer ones, all ironed and crisp.

So, naturally I missed my mouth when taking a slurp of coffee and had a big mark on the shirt-tail near my waist (not my chest, thank dog). It could have been worse - I'm a big fan of the Tide-to-go pen, and managed to get the worst of it out. But, a mark is left behind. One could tell that I spilled something.

This is bad because I was cruising to the boss's office to show off what I had accomplished and get the instructions for the next step. Oh, wait, there's someone in S's (the boss) office. He waves to me, which means to come on inside. I am introduced to the freaking CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD, who is a very nice man, and promptly tells me that he had just heard all about me and how very excited he was that I was joining the company.

Oh, hi, nice to meet you, and yes, I am excited too. Can I just show you what I just did, and did I mention that I'm very good at analysis, and I think we should look at these variances, and have you thought about a report....

Um, ok.

I think, once I learn the business, that I will find that Construction Inc. (not its real name ) and I will get along very well. Yippee! As long as I can refrain from spilling all over myself.

When I later confessed about the spillage, S told me that he didn't notice, therefore no one else likely did. This is a workplace where people wear safety vests and jeans, after all. Whew!

But still, financial statements! It's been sooo long. I had forgotten how much I loved that part. I can't wait until next month, when I'll be doing it on my own, except for the following question: "what did I mean when I wrote this down? I'm sure it's important, but I don't know why."


The one downside to working at Construction Inc. is that the buses are very full, to and from the workplace, because of the, ya know, NORMAL OFFICE HOURS, and therefore I cannot easily knit while commuting. While this is disappointing, if that is my biggest problem with this job, I am doing OK.

So, in lieu of knitting content, I bring you pictures of my yard, taken between six and eight pm tonight, hours when I would not have been at home, while working at Investing Hell, Inc.

My Mountain Ash (the one and only tree I own. Apparently, it's very hard to grow in this climate). I doubt these berries are edible, but I sure do love the orangeness.

The yellow flowers are a "potentilla (spelling?)"
according to Grandma. I suspect she's right. I thought it was a dead weed, and then it bloomed, and it's bloomed all summer, and I love it. I was going to pull it out and put a composter there. I have since changed my mind. The composter will go elsewhere. The purple thing is a dwarf tree of some sort. It's pretty too, so I will keep it.

Ya don't get better than sunsets in Manitoba. One of the things that have kept me here, when I would have rather been anywhere else.

See what I mean? The clouds are pink! That's my colour!

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annette2u said...

Hi just wanted to give you a tip.
When I was working I always drank coffee through a straw.
I know it looked crazy but no more spills on my shirts.