Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Saturday

I have lots of stuff going through my head this morning, and none of it is worthy of a whole post, so here goes.

Plus, I'm procrastinating. The house is a disgusting mess (something in the kitchen is very smelly) and my grandparents and one set of aunt/uncle/kids are coming over for dinner. Gotta get going on that soon.

And speaking of dinner guests, shouldn't the RSVP be sent more than 18 hours before the actual event? Especially when it ups the count from three to eight? And, includes kids? Now, I have to go buy more food. Food that kids will like. I'm a little ticked about that, since the invitation went out a month ago. Grrr.

Anyway, last day at the new job was rather anti-climatic. I went to work clothed and no elementary school bullies appeared to torment me. I did a few things and continued cleaning out my desk. At four pm, I just slipped out after saying good-bye to the two people that meant the most to me. I preferred that to a long, drawn-out affair.

Met N at the pub for a pint. Well, that was the intention. Wound up getting rather tipsy, taped an interview for a television program (I doubt they will use that footage, I was rather, er, flirty, shall we say?) and then going to yet another pub (the third of the night) and allowing men to buy us drinks. Still, I was home and in bed by 10:30. 'Cuz I was starting a new job the next day, don't you know.

I managed to make it to the new job on time, just barely. Getting up and being somewhere for earlier than 10:30 is painful. Didn't help that I was awake between 3:30 and 5:30 am. My brain was full by three in the afternoon, but it was a good day. Good systems in place. Once I learn the business, I will be off to the races, I think. That night, I was home, after having stopped for groceries, by six. That felt really, really good. Felt especially good to eat dinner at a normal hour and still have an evening stretching out in front of me. I used the evening very productively - I finished a pair of socks and started the next while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Other notes:
  • Still haven't found a satisfactory pattern for the sea silk. Everything I see is very rounded (leaves, arches, etc.) and I want squares or rectangles. So, I continue to mess with the pattern that was included (which is based on rectangles). Working with two skeins is required, which is easier, now that I have labelled them, but I cannot for the life of me, EVER remember how to pbl (purl through back-of-loop). I think I will have to practise this one. Somehow, I doubt I will be wearing this particular summer wrap this summer.
  • Having dinner guests today was supposed to be incentive to get that dining room painted, bookcase built and books unpacked. Guess what? Not done. In fact, haven't even started. Could have done it last weekend, but chose to spend it going to the park with Boy and his son, playing Trivial Pursuit with Boy, and generally doing nothing. The skinny little nancy-boy is very sweet, and sucking up more of my time than I care to think about. Thankfully, he was fully aware of the knitting before we started dating, so there is no need to educate him. In fact, he seems quite intrigued with the process. I offered to teach him, but he has so far declined.
  • My new office is cooking hot. No need to knit sweaters to keep warm, I fear. This does not bode well for the two sweaters I have on the needles, nor for the others in my head. The building is about to be extensively renovated over the winter, and I hope my new space is more temperate. Right now, it's so warm I'm sleepy (and I'm the person who is always cold).
  • The boy calls every day just to say hello. I thought I would find this irritating, because I hate talking on the phone, but I find it rather sweet, and now look forward to the call. Please do not point out how sappy this makes me. I am appalled enough as is. This is NOT what I envisioned when I decided to start dating again.
  • A friend of mine says that I am the most organized person he knows. Sadly, since I moved to this house, I am no longer organized, and I am very ashamed of that. But, I lack the will to do anything about it. I wish the organizing fairies would come one day while I am at work and do it for me. While I can knit and carry on a conversation, knit and watch TV, knit and read, I cannot knit and paint, or vacuum, or generally do anything that requires the use of my hands. I guess that means that I am a mere mortal, seeing as I can't warp the space-time continuum, either.

So, that means that the dishes won't load themselves into the dishwasher....

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Knittingknutty said...

I'm happy for you that you have found someone to spend your time with. It's always fun to have that special someone to call and say hi. He must be doing a lot of thinking about you.