Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at the homestead

Since Granny and Grampa are chocolate fiends, I have to do something else for Easter.

Plus, I think my sisters-in-law appreciate that I don't wish to add to the future not-inconsiderable dental bills.

For once, all the socks were done before I presented them to the recipients (just barely, though. Cast off the last one just before everyone arrived for brunch):

All wrapped up and ready to go.

On the feets! Squee! I'm a lucky, lucky auntie to have little kids who are thrilled to get socks.

Mini B's Mom: What are those, Mini B?

Mini B: Thocths!

Mini B's Mom: What do you say to Auntie Misstea?

Mini B: Please!

And later:

Mini J's Dad: Who's Dad's sister?

Mini J: Auntie Missie.

Mini J's Dad: What did she make you?

Mini J: Socks!

Clearly, my work is done for another year.

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