Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I can see

Ce-ment pad.

Oh boy! I'm so excited. I could see ce-ment pad a few weeks ago, but it was too early. Sure enough, we got dumped on. Now, I see it again, and I think this melting business will continue.

Looks good to me, so far. Is anyone besides me dreaming about garden vegetables right now?

I know this because I cleaned up a puddle in the Basement of Doom ™ earlier today (don't worry, no books, yarn or wine were harmed in the unfortunate puddle incident of 2009). It was a very small puddle. Maybe half a cup of water. I didn't smell it. Could have been cat pee, for all I know (this is Chez Peepee, after all).

How much longer until I can sit outside and drink wine? I'm betting three weeks.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Can I come drink wine with ya?

I'm SO impatient to start tinking around in the back yard. We can see the brown grass now too, but everything is soaking wet.