Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A bad simile

Like an unwanted, persistent suitor, winter keeps calling. I've tried screening my calls, not answering the door.

Some may think it's my fault, because I kept wearing all my cute hand-knits that are so much more comfortable when the weather is cold. Really, they say, I'm just a tart, and am asking for all this unwanted attention.

But really, is it my fault that I look smashing in a scarf and hat combo? I think not. I think it's perfectly natural to want to appear attractive and tidy.

And, it's not like I flirted outrageously with winter. I don't have skis or skates. Snowmobiling is right out, because careening through stubbly fields at 60 miles an hour lost its charm when I was about 16.

Furthermore, I've even tried pretending that winter doesn't exist, by forgoing long underwear and boots. Freaking winter doesn't care that I am under dressed.

I think winter may be a stalker, because no matter what I do, winter won't go away. Do you think changing my phone number would help?

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