Saturday, March 27, 2010

Progress: Zero

Since Wednesday, I've been working on short-rows for the sleeve of my raglan sweater. Not working.

See that bump? There's one on the back as well. Those bumps make my arms look like I've got some sort of matching tumour on either side.

Refusing to give up, though, last night, I sat down with three episodes of Torchwood and determined to zip down the sleeve a bit and see how it looked:

Well, this is what the sleeve looks like now:

I'm leaving the idea of having a horizontal line where the yarn changes. If I buckle down, I can finish this weekend. Which is good, because I'm itching to get back to my Malabrigo cardi. Which I've ignored since all this finishing old project stuff started. It misses me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

maybe it want to be a tank top? a smoookin' hot tank top to go with those glasses?