Friday, March 19, 2010

If I am sick...

I don't ever want to get better.

This case of Finishitis continues. It feels really damn good to get some of that stuff out of the WIP basket (though somehow, the basket isn't getting any emptier).

Tonight's project was to finish socks that I started in January, 2008. Yup, I blogged about them here. J just turned 33. Oops.

I stalled on these because I had forgotten to note how many stitches I used for the heel flap, and was concerned about running out of yarn.

Finally, last Tuesday, running out the door for knit night, I grabbed them, thinking that it wouldn't really matter if the heel flap was done over 32 or 34 stitches, and if there had to be a contrasting toe, well, I could always give them to Dad. He wouldn't care.

Turns out, my heel flaps match exactly, and I have about 4 meters of yarn left. One is a tiny bit smaller than the other, but no one's feet match anyway.

I'm running out of old projects. What a strange feeling.

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