Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Umn, what do I do now?

I'm at the point, during this course of Finishitis, that I've finished all the easy stuff.

It's now time to turn to the hard stuff. Like a sweater I designed myself (like there's not a million top-down raglan pull-overs out there) and I stalled at the arms:

I want the multi-coloured part of the arms to stop at the exact same place where it stops in the body of the sweater. In a horizontal line. I tried some short-rows, and all I got was poofy sleeves. I am a woman with broad shoulders. I do not need poofy sleeves.

One of my knit night peeps suggested darts towards the underarm, front and back. That's intriguing.
Another said to just knit and see what happened. I liked that idea, because it was the simplest of all the stuff I've been considering.
All I know is, I've got beautiful yarn, a sweater that looks great, and no idea how to finish it. Just in time for spring.

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