Sunday, January 16, 2011

My "helper"

Edgar had to help me block my vest pieces this morning. He especially likes to chase the tape measure.

After knitting four projects during the holidays, it's been kind of a bummer to work on one little project and have it take two weeks. Of course, not having 24 hours a day to knit had something to do with it, but...


This pattern sucks.

It's not difficult, or even time consuming, and the finished vest is quite cute, otherwise I never would have persevered. But, this is the most poorly written and edited pattern I've ever come across. So much so that zero was typed as O (as in upper-case o) and there was ranDom capitAliZation. Furthermore, the instructions for the armhole decreases leaves a lot open to interpretation. To maintain pattern consistency, I totally had to fake it. I had to do the same for the v-neck as well.

I've heard similar things about other patterns this company has published, so I'm not really surprised. But if it were my name or company associated with this, I would be embarrassed. Especially since it's a pdf file. Not exactly hard to fix.

I am so excited about having this done and moving on to the next project. And if the damn vest doesn't fit after struggling with it for two weeks, I'm going to cut a bitch.

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