Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, bugger

I'm knitting a project on a deadline. One I thought would be easy, fun, convenient to cart around, and perfect for sitting in front of the tv.

It's the Ten-Stitch Blanket, which I think is just adorable.

Man, I love my new camera. Best use ever of Shoppers Drug Mart points.

I couldn't have been more wrong. I mean, the pattern is adorable, but this has been the project from hell.

First of all, the yarn I chose, King Riot, while pretty, is fuzzy and splitty. Not easy to work with, particularly in darker colours when it comes to ripping out. It took me three tries to get the first mitered corner correct (seeing as I have never done a mitered corner before). I wound up cutting the yarn and beginning again.

Then, my needle had a snag (again, with the fuzzy, splitty yarn; not good). A bit of sandpaper has improved that, thankfully.

The last straw was coming to a knot in the skein just as I was just getting into the rhythm of the project. Naturally, the knot completely screwed up the colour continuity. This is how far I got before giving up on finding a spot to cut the yarn and re-join:

Yes, one third of the skein.

Forget it. I'm done with this. I am not wasting another moment on a project that seems intent on pissing me off.

I'm heading to the yarn shop after work and getting something different. Problem is, after work is two hours away. Whatever shall I do? Certainly not work.

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Anonymous said...

this yarn is like noro, or a first date for me; good impression, lots of potential, but is just a little disappointing at the end. :)