Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Decision made

AKA, shouldn't have made all that fuss.

I was very happy to get home tonight and begin playing with my new scale (only $20 CAD at Home Depot - all the scales I looked at on-line were $80, I'm feeling quite thrifty).

As you can see, the news is not good. With only 37 g remaining, I don't even need to do the math. Icarus will be completed as written. In fact, my worry extends to the other end of the spectrum, and I worry I won't have enough, with forty-or-so rows to go.

After posting my question to the Icarus Knit A Long, I realized that it would be impossible to graft two sections together. If I added a repeat, I would have more than the correct amount of stitches. Oops. (Sorry to bother you, thanks for your time, mumble, mumble, mumble).

However, good things are happening, too.

Tonight, at our final crochet class, the switch flipped. You know, when learning something new, you hate it, you wonder why you bothered, you just don't get it, and really, who needs to do this anyway? Well, that's how I felt about crochet. But, I decided to not give up quite yet, because I'd made a commitment, and I was not going to let one little stick kick me in the ass. I am Misstea, and I can (and will) do anything I want to do.

Well, wouldn't you know it, my tension eased, my rows were nice and even, and I even had the same number of stitches on each of several consecutive rows. Even moving between single and double-crochets. Wow! I get it now, it intuitively makes sense (the switch-flipping I referred to above). Whew! I don't need remedial crochet classes, I only need extra homework.

Really, I'm quite chuffed. I would show you the swatch, but evening light is this house, with my mediocre-at-best camera did not give me a satisfying result. When I'm home in daylight, I'll put it out on the grass.

So, I'm going to try the class project (a hat), and am determined to set aside some time every week to crochet. At least until the hat is done and I have more than a passing familiarity with how it all works.

Then, I'm thinking a scooped-neck summer sweater, short-sleeved, with some pretty crocheted scallops for edgings. Pink, naturally.

If I am going have time to knit all the sweaters I dream about, the office lottery pool had better have won tonight.

Never mind stop my bank account from seizing up over all the shopping I did yesterday. That deserves a post of its own but suffice to say: girls night on the ce-ment pad, coming soon!

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Deborah Cryderman said...

Sorry - not a comment about Icarus, but a pattern I thought you might like. This is a toe-up sock: