Saturday, October 6, 2007

What I did when I wasn't knitting

I have this friend, A. She is beautiful, kind, intelligent, and all the very best things a friend should be. She also has exquisite taste, and damn good ideas.

When I visited her home in September, I noticed that she had pulled up her cream-coloured carpet. Like me, she has dark-haired pets, and the cream was not so cream any more. She painted the plywood and threw down a couple rugs. Looks fan-fricking-tastic! I was inspired.

So, I got busy last weekend, and this is what is underneath some (by no means all) of my cream-coloured carpet.

Not sure what to do about the "vintage" linoleum, but even if that remains, removing the carpet and the associated dirt was very satisfying. Can't wait for Monday, when hopefully I will have time to have a crack at the rest of it. And then it's wash the walls, paint, paint, and paint some more. And unpack some books!
But that wasn't all. The stuff that was in this space:

got moved here:and is now resting comfortably at the landfill.

That was a wonderful feeling - standing on the back of the truck in grubby clothes at sunset on a beautiful fall evening - with every heave of junk into the pile I was getting rid of stuff that wasn't of any use to me (came with the house) and had been bothering me for a year. Now, if I could only do that with some of the stuff I brought into the house, I'd be laughing. Later, after I go to the farm, play with some babies and eat lots of food that I didn't cook.

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