Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why didn't I get a hands-free phone?

So, I'm doing a bunch of work for an organization I belong to that requires making phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls (I'm selling tickets to a show).

I can't talk on the phone and knit! Progress on EVERYTHING has stalled, and it's driving me nuts. If I don't take an hour to knit tonight, I'm going to be very, very cranky, and no one will want to buy anything from me.

In other news, I made a $250,000 mistake at work. And not in a good way. Oops. That's why year-end adjusting journal entries should be posted at year-end, not four months later (and by a new person who wasn't with the company at year-end).

Just sayin'.

Thankfully, this is an entry that is removed before it goes to our parent company, and for tax purposes, I've got plenty of time to fix it. Still, I'm not looking forward to explaining this tomorrow (and, it will be fixed tomorrow).
I still feel like a moron.

But, here's a picture of one of the products we sell:

That's a honking big pile of sand. And, it's bigger now. Exciting, eh?

I use this machine (while climbing the pile) to take co-ordinates of where the aggregate (technical term) sits on Earth in relation to a bunch of satellites. I take those coordinates, calculate an average distance from sea-level and volume using a funky software program. Then I use plain ol' Excel to convert the volume into mass (how the stuff is delivered, invoiced and sold). Boom! Ending inventory.

This is how I look after doing this on a stinking hot day:

Bad hair and no make-up aside, I think I look pretty damn good. I worked hard (actually, it took me three days to recover). Also, note the Ziploc baggie of knitting sticking out of my purse. Not that I had time to knit, but I did have it with me, just in case. Those were the Monkey socks.

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