Sunday, May 4, 2008

The fun never stops

It was an exciting day, here at Chez Peepee. All studying and knitting.

Punctuated by a trip to the grocery store, expressly to get cat food, but instead I came home with laundry soap and dryer sheets and these:

Oh, my. These are my new favourite snack.

I forgot the damn cat food. The boys are enjoying some fine dining tonight, on canned stuff (which I hate giving them - makes their breath stinky(er)).

Anyway, without anything complicated on my needles, and no desire to pick up any of the many unfinished projects around here (knitting and otherwise), I started a new sock.

J - these are yours, as requested. If I don't decide to keep them. I'm loving the plain back and patterned front. I read a couple lines during the stockingette part, pay attention to the 32 patterned stitches, get back to the stockingette and read some more. It's making all this internal auditing garbage a little bit more tolerable. Not entirely, though.

Pattern: Anniversary Socks by Ann Budd, in Favourite Socks (watch for errata - my copy must be a later edition, it seems OK. So far.)

Yarn: SandnesGarn Sisu, navy blue, two balls. Purchased at Ram Wools.

Pattern modifications so far: Leg is seven inches, not nine as instructed. I am playing with fire when it comes to the yardage.
And guess what! I didn't swatch. I have to do something to generate some excitement around here.

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