Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back on the horse

I think finishing up a couple non-sock projects was just the thing I needed.

I am happily back on the sock train.

The lecture socks are completed:

Damn, I need a second sock blocker!

I used my standard sock pattern with the broken rib, but knit on 2.25 mm needles. The yarn, Regia Galaxy, is somewhat thinner than yarns I've used in the past.

The size difference is quite remarkable. I usually shoot for a ladies 9, or so. These socks, when it became apparent that leg circumference would bear no relation to a normal size 9 foot, became much shorter. I think the size works out to a ladies 7 or 8.

Luckily, I have girly pals with a wide variety of shoe sizes.

There's about 35 grams left. Enough for a pair of little girl socks, I think. And, the thought of little girl socks is very attractive right now, because I am also working on these:

I also need a much bigger pair of sock blockers.

This is a pair of socks for Mini J's dad. He turned 31 a few days ago. Since his spouse and daughter each have a pair of socks, I suppose he should have a pair too.

Plus, there was the incident at Christmas, when we were laughing and joking as usual. I asked him if he would wear a pair of hand-knitted socks, and he immediately changed his tone, became serious, and said that he would (he also immediately retired the tattered ball cap he was wearing and replaced it with the one I brought him from Construction Inc.).

We don't talk much about feelings, in our family. What he was really saying was "You are my sister, I love you, and I would be honoured to have something you made."

So now, with each round of endless blue yarn, I am saying "You are bloody lucky that you are my brother and I love you, because there is absolutely no way I would make men's size 12 socks if there wasn't a great deal of fondness between us."

I have one sock to go, and 47 grams of yarn. I like living close to the edge.

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