Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon

You know how you think something is too good to be true, that something is going well, and then as soon as you remark on it, it goes bollocks up?

Yeah, like knitting.

I'm going to do it anyway.

Today was the Knit Out at the Forks, hosted by Yarn Over Manitoba. J picked me up at 10 AM (the earliest I've left the house on a Sunday for quite some time) and we sailed on down Main Street for a day in the sun, chatting with knitters, ogling other projects, and maybe even doing a little knitting ourselves.

It was marvelous. A couple friends, Stitcherwitch and Purlerbear and I have been planning, all year, to knit Juno Regina together.

Well, I couldn't wait any more. I cast on. I knit all day, taking lots of breaks, sitting up straight, doing some stretches and massaging my hands.

Stitcherwitch was concerned that the yarn was covering my face.

I felt wonderful, knitting all day. No pain, no tension. Even my damn back and leg felt pretty good, for a change. In fact, when I got home, I sat on the ce-ment pad with some wine and knitted some more! Continuing with lots of breaks and stretching (hey, a girl has to eat and do her laundry some time!).

I really hope this doesn't bite me in the ass. I'm loving the many charts and the tiny, tiny, but oh so very soft string. Knitting, I have missed you. Please don't leave me again.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know this was you!! Had fun yesterday too! I think we should do this more often, us knitters are such nice people (a little crazy, lots of fun!!)

k.thedoula said...

As a person who got to see this up close and personal like.