Monday, August 18, 2008

I might have hit delete, but maybe not.

J left a comment on my last post. She said, "I don't have a polka party, but I bet they'd look cute at our upcoming karaoke event. "

I don't think I'd hit delete... but I've been into the wine. As usual.

J is getting married! The next big social event on my calendar (other than a block party in St. B, more on that later) is her stagette, and then the happy celebration of her wedding,

I am happy, and truly privileged to share in her day. How do I love this woman? Let me count the ways.

Wait a minute. There is no need to count. She knits. Nothing more need be said.

So, the new question is... what does one wear to a karaoke stagette, given that the footwear (and I am sure the bride's footwear surpasses mine, as well it should) is $10 fake argyle/Harlequin loafers with pink hearts and silver stars?

And the budget is $40 (just to make it a challenge, and no, I refuse to go to Value Village.).

Internet, show me your knowledge.

Oh, and I loves the karaoke. I'm famous, such as it is, in certain bars around town.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How much wine will be involved?
that needs to be assessed before the skirt/trouser debate ensues.

just askin'

Expects to be smacked down for impertinence.

Congratulations to your friend. I'm betting that you are one AWESOME addition to any party! =)