Monday, August 18, 2008

My dancing shoes

N and I were supposed to go out, a while ago. She was not feeling well, and I was royally hungover.

Therefore, we did not.

But, I had purchased the most, adorable cute shoes (for $10, win!), to temporarily replace the ragged pair of flip flops that should have been retired four years ago, but I cannot bear to part with (far too comfortable, stench notwithstanding).
A girl cannot polka well in flip flops. It's undignified.

Now, the question is, when is the next polka party, so I can show off these shoes?


Jodi said...
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Anonymous said...

The husband is enamoured with the shoes... he said and I quote.
I didn't think misstea 'did' cute shoes. There are more facets to that woman than I thought! I hope they weren't from Walmart... that would ruin it for me.

I think they are lovely. Score on the price tag!

clashfan77 said...

Im in love with your shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

They look even better 'on person'.
Very nice!