Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adventures in Transit

I scooted out of work early today, for a chiropractic appointment (and some groceries on the sly, oops!), and was shocked to see that I knew my bus driver.

A long-time Winnipeg radio personality, a fellow that should be retired, is driving a freaking transit bus in order to make ends meet. The problem with elderly people having to earn a living is a discussion for another day, but the shocking thing was that he sat through a green light and grilled the two young men sitting in the front seats. He told them that they should stand up and let a lady have a seat when she got on (I had already pushed by the 14-year-old "ladies" and moved to the back of the bus, just like one is supposed to). It was highly amusing. One old codger, bringing civility to Winnipeg Transit, one lecture at a time.

(BTW, the wee shites moved. And everyone else was clearly shocked. I grinned).

Then, on bus #2, there was that guy. You know that guy. Clearly socially awkward. A little bit twitchy. Speaking into his cellphone far too loudly. (Have you ever listened to Wiretap? It sounded exactly like the guy who phones Jonathan Goldstein up at 3AM, telling Jonathan to lend him money in order to fly to Cuba for a vacation. Or whatever.)

I have never been so happy to get off the bus to purchase a cucumber and a green pepper in my entire life. Really, I had the headphones turned waaayyy up, and I still heard every word about how getting sick was all Stephanie and Mark's fault. (Shame on you, Stephanie and Mark. Now the whole bus will be sick, and it will Be All Your Fault).

But yet, I am still happy. The buses were on time. Winnipeg doesn't need rapid transit. It just needs prompt transit.

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do I happen to know this radio personality? N