Monday, November 3, 2008

(De)cluttering Dilemma

It's been a little bit like Christmas around here lately. I'm unpacking boxes that I haven't looked inside for two years.

I'm discovering many things I'd forgotten I had. And a few things that should have stayed forgotten, for the record.

Some things can be pitched easily - two years worth of Weight Watchers pamphlets (for example, though given how tight my clothes are, I know more about nutrition and exercise now. I'll be fine). Other things... not so much.

Exhibit one:

Five years of planners from a job that I loved. Five years that challenged me, gave me joy. A job where I danced to work every day, because I was so happy to be going there. A job that disappeared from underneath me (I found out from a press release on the internet. That part sucked. Big time).

So, do I keep these? They are valuable, when it comes to documenting what I did, and when, on a professional level. Personally, though, every time I see them, I think of how, during those last three months, I busted my ass, doing the work of seven people, because every one else bailed. I remember that toxic atmosphere, and how I died a little inside, every time I packed up a box of papers to send to the new office. Or finished a file. How no one appreciated the work I did, but I stayed, to the bitter end, because I cared about our customers. (Oh, the severance was pretty good, too. After we engaged a labour lawyer.)

Exhibit two:

I don't think I really like knick-knacks any more. I've gotten used to not having much around except yarn. I'm kind of resenting having my white space filled up. Makes my little house seem really, really tiny. But these things are beautiful. Most of them were gifts, or were purchased when I was on holiday. So, they are mementos, and mementos have value (I am sentimental fool. Please don't tell anyone).
And that is only one box! There's about twenty more in the basement of doom! Never mind the boxes of stuff that should be kept, like extra bedding and extension cords. I have an artificial Christmas tree! But no pole for it (actually, that can go. I bought it at a rummage sale for $8 in 1994). I think I'll go grab it and head out to the dumpster right now. But I'm keeping the decorations. Not that I celebrate Christmas. I'm only in it for the turkey.

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Andrea said...

I'd say keep the planners. Not a lot of people can say they loved a job that much, and that's an incredible memory to have.. It didn't last, but at least you can look forward to the future at a time where you may feel the same way again, right? If you can't help but feel upset when you look at them right now, just put them into storage for the time being. You may regret throwing them out in the passion of the moment right now, you know?