Sunday, November 30, 2008

Use it or lose it

In an effort to avoid studying, for a bit, anyway, I took another stab at the Basement of Doom™.

It had been a couple weeks since I'd done any serious sorting, and I'm glad I took a break. I spent the time thinking about how I use my basement, and how it should function.
The Basement of Doom™ basically has three purposes: litter box central, laundry and storage. Which is fine. That's normal basement stuff.

The problem is a beam, a doorway and the duct work. See, I'm nearly six feet tall. The aforementioned problems have a height of 5'6". If I don't duck when walking around down there, I've got a pretty good shot of bonking myself on the head. Which I do, just about every time I'm down there. Twice today (and I'm stone cold sober). It's freaking annoying.

So, I thought about what I do most often when I'm down there; cleaning the cat box, laundry, and storing wine stuff.

The light bulb turned on (yes, it takes me a while), and I realized that those items should be stored where I can avoid the headache-inducing obstacles. Furthermore, the long-term storage should be on the other side of that doorway.

Ladies and gentleman, we can see floor down there (not that I'm going to show you) and there are only about 13 more boxes to sort through. I took nine trips out to the dumpster today, and there is a ginormous pile to be recycled.

My sophisticated wine-labelling system.

And properly stored wine. W00T!

I think I will celebrate by having a glass of said wine.

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