Monday, November 24, 2008

More "fat" yarn knitting

The mittens are going well. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, and I have progressed since then.

I'm wondering why it's taken me this long (oh, 20 years or so) to make mitts out of anything finer than worsted weight. These mitts are slim, but dense. Far better than the polar fleece gloves I wear until the windchill hits -20 degrees. Mind you, I think the 2.75 mm needles might have something to do with the density. Recommended needle size for this yarn is 4.00 mm. (That would be huge!)
I've already decided what I would do differently, should I choose to do this again. My fingers are very skinny, especially compared to my huge-ass palm. There is obvious tapering between the top of my palm and my fingertips. So, on the outside, I would evenly, slowly, increase so that the mitt would be just a tad bigger to accommodate my palm more comfortably.

But, that's what winging it is all about. Figuring out what what worked, and what didn't. I didn't do that here, because I figured that frogging twice - once for a misplaced increase, and once for a gross gauge miscalculation was enough.
I'm looking at two thumbs now. Yuck. I really, really hate thumbs.
On the upside, I had someone who was very interested in the swift was helping me out tonight.

It was one of those times where I wished that I had an extra set of hands to take the photos.

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Ooohhh swift.... *drool*