Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trying it with pictures

I finished some stuff. Yay for me!

Socks for Lisa, one of my favourite bartenders. Details: yarn - On-line Supersocke 100, 100 grams. Pattern: Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe from her book, Knitting Rules, scaled down to 60 stitches. Probably works out to about a size 8 foot.

The wee felted bag is from a scrap of Paton's Classic Merino. Pattern made up out of my own head to fit my camera. Sometimes making it up works.

Also using the Harlot's recipe (it's also now my basic sock recipe, I think) sized down to 56 stitches. Probably about a size 9 foot. I used two balls of Regia Crazy Stripe and what's left is included in the photo. I couldn't have done that better if I tried. No swatching, but I did rip nearly 2/3 of a 64 stitch sock when I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn and it was going to be freaking huge (like Jolly Green Giant sized). These do not have a recipient, yet. If you get them, act surprised, OK?

Yarn - also On-line Supersocke, 100 g. The yardage on this stuff is amazing. These are socks for a man, about a size 11 (I hope) and there is yarn left over. I scaled up the pattern to 72 stitches, but created sort of a garter-stitch rib pattern. I have it written down on a sticky-note somewhere. The variegation is lovely, and it pooled just right. This is my first time knitting man-sized socks, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I hope my buddy appreciates them. In January, I went to a bar when I should have gone directly home, and he looked after me when I needed looking after, and expected nothing in return. This man deserves socks. He wants a date, but socks will have to do. I am not so good at dating people I like. I have to stop liking them when I start dating them, and then there's the problem of what happens when the dating stops. I'm not good at that part either. I am trying to not blur the line between friends and lovers. It never ends well, for me.

More importantly, I have two more balls of this yarn, one in a burgundy/black colour-way, and another in plum/black, which is just yummy. Right now, I'm drawn to very bright, spring colours, but I know I will run through that phase and get back to this!

The washcloth is out of some cotton. Don't know what, doesn't really matter. 36 stitches on 6 mm needles, feather and fan pattern remembered from a million years ago. I stop knitting when it's as long as my hand (I have huge hands). That way, I figure it's just right to fold in half while damp and wipe the counter. I keep one of these on the go by my computer, for keeping my hands busy. Takes a long time to get one done this way (solid knitting, about an hour), and you may receive it as a wine cozy. Act surprised.
The socks are kiddie-sized. 44 stitches of the basic sock pattern. 50 g ball of Knit Picks basic sock yarn, whatever it is. Enough left over to make another pair. I bought this to see what Knit Picks is all about, and it's OK. Actual size is way-too-big-for-my-one-year-old-niece. I made another pair at 40 stitches which fit, I'm told, but are not so good at staying on her feet. Next time, I want to try ribbing the entire leg. If I'm smart enough, I should also thread in some elastic at the top. Those babies, they don't really like the socks, and who can blame them? Baby feets are so cute, and I know I like to show off my best features. Why shouldn't they?
Bad Auntie was late, as usual, and was working on the birthday socks at the birthday party (I think Mini-B will be a knitter, she was fascinated!). However, Mini-B got mail addressed to Herself later in the week. I addressed it as "Mlle" and everything!
I have lots more photos, and exciting news about knitting opportunities. More will follow, I did not want to tell all in one post! Plus, this whole photo thing was a test. If it's sucky, please say so. Believe me, I will be checking my own blog at work tomorrow to see if it's pretty.

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It's pretty: your blog, your photos, your knitting. It's all so pretty. Yay for you.