Saturday, October 18, 2008

Almost done

The boys are coming back next week to install the trim - apparently, because this linoleum isn't being glued, it needs time for the bubbles to work themselves out, and for the linoleum to "stretch."

OK, whatever. I'm just excited about not having to watch where I step every moment. In fact, I'm not wearing slippers, shoes, or flip flops right now, and it feels really damn good.

Anyway, I had left for a few hours, and when I got back, one said "hey, this this looks really nice! I wasn't sure if this was a good idea."

That's exactly what they said about my choice of paint colours. This reinforces my idea that I make questionable choices, but somehow manage to pull it off, with a good amount of flair.

Anyway, pictures!


Dining Room

Someone was either supervising or scared earlier today. I'm not sure which.

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