Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a reasonably smart person

At least, I think so.

I manage to dress myself each morning, get to work pretty much on time, feed myself, pay my bills, that sort of thing.

I'm also a pretty good conversationalist, and have talents that are an addition to my workplace. I'm reasonably well-read and try to keep up on current events.

But every once in a while, I do something so amazingly stupid that I have to wonder how smart I really am.

For example, this morning.

I knew that to safely stand on the incredibly crowded transit bus, I could not hold my bag, my coffee cup and the railing. Something had to go. That was my coffee, which I carefully placed into my bag. I was able to check on it, and make sure it was still upright.

The bus was really crowded when I got off, but I managed. Then I got to my transfer point, and realized that my coffee cup was sideways. And almost empty.

Just about everything in my bag was soaked, including my breakfast. Coffee soaked Ryvita does not taste good, for the record.

Yup, that's the wrap for the silent auction. Not quite sure how I'm going to handle that.

My brand spanking new book. Ruined. Well before I finished reading it.

My precious Ravelry tote. I had hoped to not wash it for a bit, to maintain that crisp stiffness of a new tote that I love so much. Whoops.

See? That's gross.

My school books got some damage too, but I'm able to reprint the stuff with the worst damage. The rest of it is just brown on some of the edges.

But the worst part? No coffee. I have very few domestic skills, but I can say, without bragging, that I make a damn fine cup of coffee. I dragged my butt all day, as a result. Until I got home at 10 pm. That's a long time to wander around, stinking like coffee but unable to source some of the good stuff.

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Alicia said...

I consider myself a smart person too, and I dropped my tea on my laptop this week... My data survived, but the keyboard is a goner... I'm using a "loaner" computer, while mine is being fixed...

I always put my tea far away from my laptop, but I was too busy answering Ravelry email, and I didn't see how close my tea was to my computer...

I guess ruining a computer every 20 years isn't such a bad track record.