Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've used up all my favours

My brother, handy-man extraordinaire, flat-out refuses to assemble anything purchased from IKEA.

And now I understand why.

My two partners-in-whine spent several hours this afternoon and evening assembling my bookcase. Thoughtfully taking into account the damage I've done to it, in the two years its been sitting here, waiting for assembly.

Finally, I got involved, because it was bothering me that they were working so hard. Also, I'd finished heating the appetizers they'd so thoughtfully brought for snacking.

It appears that I have most of my mobility back, and I haven't lost my strength, over the last six months. I like to think I helped a little. Either that, or I was hanging by my arms off the top just for fun.

Anyway, done! Assembled! I thought I'd unpack books tonight, but that will have to wait. Too tired.

But here are some photos:

Two of my best girly pals, going waaayyy beyond the call of duty.

Yeah, we buggered up a couple shelves. That's where the really large books will go. It all works out.

The next bookcase I purchase comes with assembly. I will never do this again, nor will I ask anyone to do this for me again. Never. Clearly, this is the line, and I just crossed it.

N and M - next time we go out, I'm buying the drinks.

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