Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm pissed

and not in a good way.

$300 million wasted.

Mr. Harper, I invite you to my home, to spend an evening with me. Bring your degree in economics with you, because you will need it.

I'm an accountant with a keen interest in economics. Let's play ball. Baseball, street hockey, whatever. Hell, let's knit together.

Let's talk about the recent 25% drop in the stock market. Let's talk about lending rates, and mortgage terms, and how ordinary Canadians got suckered in on "consolidation loans" thinking that a small payment forever is better than some really large payments now.

Let's talk about my friend, who works in the Arts industry. Let me tell you - he has never been to a gala, he never will be to a gala, but if you cut that funding, he's out of a job.

Can he and his new wife come and live with you when you kick him out of a job? (By the way, my friend is not an artist. He's an accountant, supporting the arts community).

Let's talk about the dollar and how that is a fake consolation. Buying cheap crap from the United States is not, in any way, shape, or form, consolation for the jobs that were lost. Sending those manufacturing plants to South America or Asia to escape taxes and lower production costs is not the solution (not that South Americans and Asians don't need jobs. That is not the point.)

Let's talk about the price of gas, and how YOU CAN NOT CONTROL IT (umn, supply and demand. I learned that in Economics 101. How 'bout you?). Your ego is pretty big, and you can do lots of things, but you can not control the price of gas.

Let's talk about the elderly people in our community who are, at best, ignored, at worst, well, it's horrifying, standing at the bus stop every morning, watching people begging. And for the record, I can't help them much. Just sayin ;-) Never mind the inadequacies of the health care system you claim to revere. Put your money where your mouth is, Stevie.

While you are at my home, I hope you will enjoy my home-made wine (because that is all I can truly afford, anymore). My budget is so tight that it's difficult for me to be a good host.

Please forgive me for the snacks being spartan. I hope you ate dinner before you came.

You see, the thing is, I work in construction... I work in the industry that you have pinned your hopes on... in your weak, ineffectual and, quite frankly, lame, platform, and it's not good. Our company is doing reasonably well, true, but that may change. And, I'm OK with having to suck it up a little, so that my fellow Canadians can live a little better. Truly, that's cool.

But when you cannot manage things so that my sacrifice is not so my fellow Canadians, and indeed my fellow world citizens, can not live a little better, Mr. Harper, you and I have some things to talk about.

And no matter how much I am suffering, I am still going to talk. I will talk, and talk. Because I care. And, guess what! I care, even if it costs me money!

So, when I'm making dandelion wine, and eating cat food, because your tax cuts don't apply to me, can we get together and talk? Because I think you really, really need to listen to me.

If not, well, then, fuck you, Mr. Harper. And not in a good way.


Anonymous said...

David says it's good to get the knitters riled up.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! You go girl!! I'm in the same boat. NO extra money. What am I working for? To pay for everyone else?