Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Friday

I considered going to the watering hole tonight, but I just wasn't in the mood. I wanted to be at home in my nice, clean house (cleaning service came today, woot!).

And because it is Friday, my brain is full of random, jumbling thoughts, and I am freaking tired. Sitting at a desk and thinking all day is hard work, dontcha know?

So, instead of a clear, coherent (relatively speaking, this is me, after all) post, I'm just going to deal with all of the stuff in my head. Or at least, the stuff I can think of, right now.

More new wine that I like:

Especially the Dog House. It was a bin end that I picked up just for fun. I'll be going back to get me more of that.

Thanks for the good wishes about Jr. J! He's a good eater and a good sleeper (and therefore the complete opposite of his big sister, as it stands right now). I'm told that big sister, Mini J, is very possessive of the baby-that-was-in-Mum's belly.

As an aside, I did some shopping today, and was strangely drawn to train sets (also, Grandma loves having Mini J for sleepovers. And Mini J really likes to sleep in Auntie's bed).

I got my first assignment back today. I submitted virtually the same assignment I submitted the first time through. I got fifteen (yes! 15!) fewer marks. And, yes, it was the same damn marker. I'm giving myself some time to cool down, and then I am drafting an email to inquire why.

My boss tells me to just suck it up and do what they want me to do. I can't and will not (there's a difference, I think). This whole program markets itself saying that we are leaders, trend-setters, blah, blah, blah. Well, I think I will start a new trend and stop swallowing what they feed me. Part of being a leader is being strong enough to stand up and ask tough questions. I do it in every other part of my life, why not my education (rather, more accurately, this part of my education)?

I'm beyond pissed off, I'm well and truly steamed (I think my anger is feeding off my left-over lecture fury).

But, let's talk about happy things. I stopped in at Costco on the way home, for stage three in my "line the shelves for 2009" project. As always, I strayed from the list. But, I found something that made me really, insanely happy.

You see, way back in 2002, I was having dinner at a friend's house (a friend that turned out to not be much of a friend, but that's neither here nor there) and she served something called "Poppers." She was embarrassed that she was serving something processed, and was even more horrified when she saw the nutrition information.

Well. I loved them. In all their greasy, breaded, fried glory (really, how could one go wrong with breaded, fried jalapenos and cream cheese? It's a winning combination). Yum. Occasionally I would think of them while in the grocery store, and have a half-hearted look. No luck, for six freaking years. Until today. I was cruising down the coffee aisle (naturally) which also has part of the freezer section (normally a place I avoid, because I haven't much freezer space), and I heard a fellow make a comment to his spouse about some sort of processed product. I looked over to see what he was talking about, just as a matter of curiosity.

And. There. They. Were.

Choirs of angels sang as I placed the box into my cart, I'm sure of it.

Every bit as delicious as I remember. Fattening, nutritionally void, but delicious.

Election stuff: I flipped between the leaders English debate and the veep debate down south last night. Both telecasts were infuriating (really, when is someone going to nominate me for benign-dictator-of-the-world? I'm waiting...). N and M happened to be at Chez Peepee for part of it, and despite me having warned them that I would shout at the TV, I think they were a little bit scared.

And tonight, I got the latest email from my party-of-choice, asking me to fill in a survey. None of the responses to select fit what I wanted to say and there was no option to add text. Hmmm. I feel another email coming on.

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