Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dragging my a**

I had to fast overnight, because of blood-work this morning (nothing serious, just regular stuff).

I did not realize how much I would miss my nightly glass(es) of wine and more importantly, coffee. I did not have two cups of my beloved leaded fresh-ground dark roast today. Instead, I had two cups of the brown water provided at the office. It sucked. I couldn't figure out why I was so tired - it surely wasn't because I'd had too much wine last night. I hadn't had any wine (which is rare, but it happens). I wanted to have a snooze. In a big way.
As an aside, I published the November financial statements today. In the early afternoon. A day-and-a-half ahead of schedule. I would normally be proud of this, except that because of the weather, I didn't do a physical inventory count this month. Which usually takes about a day and a half. So, I'm not faster, I just have less work to do. That's OK, it's December, which, in accounting terms, is only three weeks long. In conclusion, I'm right on time. And I have a shitload of work to do in the next six days, because I think the office is going to be closed on December 24, 27 and 28.
Once again, let me say: I LOVE MY JOB! I have an employer that recognizes that employees need a break, and that having a life outside of work is important, and well, nobody actually does any work on those days anyway, so why bother?
But, I have knitting stuff, too. There's been much discussion on Ravelry about where and when it's appropriate to knit. Including post-secondary education lectures. Let me share yesterday's experience, with a little background information.
I've been putzing along, taking classes for seven years now. I am definitely taking the scenic route. And, you can refer to earlier posts about how discontented I am. In my most recent "break," I decided to be a knitter, loud and proud. Something I had always kept private, became public because I had finally figured out that if I wanted to accomplish what I set out to do, I had to do it all the time.
Back to the course: I am not especially interested in the material, I knew in order to make this bearable, I had to knit during the lecture. Especially since the lecturer always provides notes. There is no reason to sit there and frantically write things down. Yesterday, I strolled in, a couple minutes late (you can thank Winnipeg Transit and RRC's awful maps for that) plunked myself in the back row, and pulled out my knitting.
Well, it wasn't the best lecture I've ever attended, but it certainly wasn't the worst. The important thing is, I was engaged, I participated, I asked questions, and between the lecture and several horrendously long bus-rides, I did this:

Is that a sock, or are you just happy to see me?

Yup, about a quarter-inch away from the heel-flap. That's nearly five inches of sock leg (I had just nicely finished the ribbing the night before) in one evening. And no-one looked at me funny. They are all sooo busy, trying to get ahead, trying to get a leg up (ha! I'm so funny!) on the competition (that is, other classmates). So, I'm going to knit on. 'Cause otherwise, I'm never going to get through this. If knitting in what would be, to some, an inappropriate situation, is a crime against my lecturer, and the penalty is actually being interested in what I am doing, so be it.

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