Friday, December 21, 2007

I love my job!

I know I've said that repeatedly, but it's true.

This job gives me everything I need: interesting, rewarding work, freedom to develop my role, opportunities to learn, constructive feedback, appreciation for a job done well, flexibility to work around personal commitments, a blind-eye when it comes to arriving on time, and a healthy pay cheque.

What I didn't expect was the following:

  • Colleagues that make me laugh so hard that I cry.
  • Staff that are willing and enthusiastic about learning new things and working together.
  • Management that really follows through on what they say.
  • Reimbursement for education costs, before the course is passed. Including registration and general tuition fees. Not just course fees.
  • A boss that really motivates and respects his staff. And trusts them to do their jobs.
  • Unexpected small treats, like a Christmas Ham, occasional company lunches, THREE extra paid-days off through the holidays.
  • A sales manager who is happy to share promotional merchandise with whiny accountants who say "I need three hats, not one. I have a dad and two brothers!"

And finally, this one knocked my hand-knitted socks off:

  • A huge holiday bonus. Even for me, who wasn't with the company during the busy time, and really doesn't deserve it.

I was so surprised, so touched, that I nearly cried. I told the manager presenting it to me that I loved coming to work every day, and that I am privileged to belong to this organization.

I almost-cried in a good way, for a change. But really, I wish I could get over this "crying at the office" thing.

I've already got it spent. I'm paying someone to paint my dining room and kitchen. I made the decision to farm out that job last night, and today I've got the money to pay for it.

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