Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Assignment "blues?"

I'm sitting here, typing madly away on a "memo listing 10 risks and possible mitigating factors." It's worth 25 marks, 10 for each risk, 10 for mitigation methods, and 5 for "format, clarity, logic, impact and persuasiveness of the memo."

I've trotted out all my standard phrases that markers (and bosses, for that matter) seem to love. I've got a nice little table constructed, and I'm thinking to myself, "ya know, maybe this studying / assignment stuff isn't so bad. I've got a pretty good shot at getting full marks for this question."

Then I remembered I've taken three Robaxacet today. Guess I'm rather high right now.


Anonymous said...

Well then... you should be a blast this evening!
Glad your assignments are going well!

Anonymous said...

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