Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Winnipeg has two seasons...

winter and construction.

Winter is officially over, and I am working in the yard again. I did inventory yesterday, and today, and will be doing it again tomorrow.

I am so getting a pedicure this Saturday. After all that climbing, my tootsies need some TLC. Possibly a massage as well. My back still hurts.

Also, I am the sort of woman that gets a lot of attention. I am tall, I wear lots of pink, I walk confidently, and I meet people in the eye.

I have noticed, over the past couple days, that I am treated much differently when I look like a ruffian. But, my behaviour is exactly the same.


Anonymous said...

Winterpeg has 4 distinct seasons...
Winter, Pothole, Mosquito and Construction. There is probably a reason why we live here, probably for the summers and the sunshine...the fifth season!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but after a few days of mulling this one around in my pea sized brain.
You may look like a ruffian... but you are a ruffian with hand knit socks and imported beer (? can't quite make it out in the photo!).
And those are the delightful ruffians.
ducks runs and grins between peels of laughter