Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still procrastinating, and still don't care

When I was home for Easter, my mom asked me if I regretted buying a house.

To be honest, sometimes, I do regret it. I'm strapped for time, cash and ability.

Just like every other homeowner out there, so I do not feel alone.

But on a sunny day, when I can sit outside with a glass of wine and knit, there is no place I would rather be.

And I mean that. Chez Peepee may be a shambles right now, but it's still the perfect house for me.

After my hike to the grocery store and back (carrying $65 worth of groceries, that was a workout), I sat outside for an hour, with some fortification and a shawl. I could have stayed there all afternoon.

However, part of being a homeowner, and living alone, is that I have to be the grownup. So, I puttered for a few minutes, taking out the recycling, putting away the groceries, etc.

I opened my front door to grab the flyers that go immediately into the recycling (I do need to make a sticker for the mailbox) and found a parcel between the screen door and the real door.

I truly didn't expect these until Monday:

In order, all from Knitpicks: dpn wip tubes, two sets of 2.5mm Harmony dpns and the Harmony dpn sock kit.

I want to cast on for Ann Budd's Anniversary Socks (note, Ravelry-only link) right now. But sadly, I'm the grownup, and there are still chores to do. And the cats, no matter how much I beg and plead, lack the prehensile thumbs required to make dinner. I wouldn't trust them with the chicken, anyway.

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