Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I mentioned to Bossman today that I hoped to work on my multiple choice questions while listening the budget coverage.

He asked me how my course was going.

I told him that I was finding it difficult to be engaged in the material.

The discussion group people are nice, the material isn't that difficult. It kind of sucks that our questions are case studies, something that I always struggle with.... the problem was that I'm not angry about something! There's no issue that I violently disagree with! The lecturer hasn't pissed me off (probably because I haven't gone to a lecture, I've been streaming online instead). I don't have a study buddy to argue with.

I have no negative emotional attachment to this course, and therefore, I don't care. Get me good and steaming mad, though, and I'll read every paper, parse every post, write a position paper on the issue I believe in.

Sucks. I wish this course were more like politics. Then I'd be engaged, that's for sure.

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