Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fly Away Home

That's the title of a pretty crappy Canadian movie. It's about the guy who raised a bunch of orphan Canada geese.

Pretty lame, but an uncle of mine was the producer.

Anyway, I flew away home yesterday, and just got back now. I was gone 25 hours. Too much to do.

The occasion was Mini B's third birthday. I cannot believe that it's been three years since my world exploded and all these little people to love started arriving.

Mini B is a talker, like the rest of us, and there were some choice moments:

The minute I walked in the door (I was two and a half hours late), she grabbed my parcel and said "For me." It was not a question. She knew it was all about the presents.

After the cake was done at about 8 pm last night, she announced that the party was over. However, she didn't seem too bothered that none of us left.

She received a microphone that played tunes. She kept giving it to me, saying "Sing, Auntie!" (possibly because I know more than one verse to "You are my Sunshine." I'm not sure).

She looked at my feet at one point and said, "You have socks like Mom!" Not quite, but close, because Auntie made Mom's socks.

Other niephew™ news:

Mini J is starting to talk. Mom is "Mom" and Grandma is "Mommom". I think that's hysterical.

Junior J can be cranky. I didn't know. I thought he was the mellowest little boy that ever lived. Nope, I was wrong. He freaking hates his car seat, and the whole world knew it, when it was time to go home. When that little guy is angry, he's not afraid to tell us.

Junior B is two months old, now. She only weighs 11 lbs, 4 oz, two pounds up from her birth weight. She's tiny, by Misstea standards. But, all that new weight is in her cheeks and chin. I've never seen such a skinny baby with such a double chin. It's hysterical. She's pretty gassy, though. So, she's small, but she definitely belongs to us.

One other small note: Dad and I stopped at the Timmy's drive-thru this morning.

Drive-thru speaker: Welcome to Tim Hortons. May I interest you in a breakfast sandwich?

Me: No, you may not.

Drive thru speaker: ....

Me: I'll have a large coffee with milk.

Got the coffee, and Dad and I had an excellent discussion of how kids these days don't know the proper use of "may" and "can."

Gawd, I love my family. Especially the breakfast my brother made for me. It was excellent.

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