Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some wine sucks

When I buy wine, I like to buy it by the box. It's less packaging, and therefore my almost 100% recovered back doesn't relapse from the burden (slipped disk, and recovered without surgery, woot! I must add that there are others far, far worse off than I was. I just have excellent insurance and a doctor who listens to me).

I know that some people sneer at wine in a box, but it works for me. A box is around here for only a couple days, anyway. There's no opportunity for it to aerate and be oxidized.

Anyway, I was cruising down the aisles of my former liquor store (in the old hood for knit night!), and I saw 4 litres of California burgundy for $29.99.

That's a really, really good price for plonk.

Being no fool, however, I purchased a magnum. I didn't want 4 litres of something I didn't like.

Well, I've learned something. If the smallest size available is a magnum, there is a high probability that the wine will suck. (DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!)

Based on my oh-not-so-random sample of one. Scientific testing, I'm doin' it rong.

Definitely an inexpensive wine, and therefore I didn't expect much; it was harsh and completely unfinished. The aroma was of vine, not grape.

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k.thedoula said...

As we are in dire need of replenishing our wine stock. I shall avoid this one!