Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presents? I get presents?

I have had the greatest pleasure, over the past few weeks, of teaching my hair stylist to knit socks.

It's been a real treat, indoctrinating another into the fold, and all for the pleasure of his company and a free cut-and-colour.

I wasn't sure it would stick, though. He told me he wanted to do this because he can't stand not knowing stuff, and of all the knitters that patronize his shop, I'm clearly the expert.

So, I dragged him down to the LYS, introduced him to the girls, and we picked out some nice Malabrigo sock yarn. A week or so later, I introduced him to the dreaded horrors of The Swatch and Algebra.

Things have been going along tickety-boo. His tension is remarkably even.

We got together yesterday, where he showed off what he purchased in yarn shop in Calgary - more sock yarn, more needles, and a new sock just about ready for the heel flap. I guess I needn't worry about it sticking. He's all ready talking about a third pair.

The big surprise was that some of the yarn was for me! Holy shit!

  • 51% silk, 49% merino,

  • 50 g, 137m

  • #473 Arlene's Purples

My stinker of a hair stylist just got himself a pair of socks knitted by me. But not in this yarn. I'm going to tuck this stuff down my shirt and pretend I have cleavage. It's that soft.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to Calgary in a few weeks, what is the name of the yarn store he purchased this gorgeous stuff at?