Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm funny

I got a lift to a meeting tonight, and as we left the car, my driver, the president of the committee, asked me if I was busy this weekend, you know, having a hot-and-heavy affair and all.

I said no... not unless you count Bob.

"Who's Bob?", he says.

"Well, "I reply, "it's my 'battery operated boyfriend'."

We were jaywalking, and the poor man doubled-over with laughter in the middle of the street.

Note to self: save the punchlines for the sidewalk.


WPGGAL said...

I have to tell you I really did LOL at this one. I'm thinking I should join BOBmas Eve? Sounds like alot more fun now!!

Misstea said...

Yup, that puts a whole new spin on Bobmas Eve. Beleive me, when we talked about it last year, the thought did occur to me