Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey! I still knit.

Meetings, when I am not chairing or busy taking notes, are an excellent opportunity to work on socks.

Also, there was that three-hour power outage at Construction Inc. yesterday. Ha! All you non-knitters, I had something to do!

I started a tiny, tiny little sock, so that I could have something ready to show my hairstylist how to turn a heel, and then I was hooked on little socks:

2.5 mm needles, 36 sts, basic twisted, broken rib sock pattern. Would fit the average six-month old niece.

Those socks were so cute, that I immediately cast on socks for her big sister:

2.5 mm needles, 48 sts, basic twisted, broken rib sock pattern. Shooting for a kid's size nine.

And for a comparison, here is one of each together:

Oh my! These are too cute! Because I am dorky, I weighed the socks. The wee socks are 15 g, and the big sister socks are 28 g. I'm using Wisdom Yarns, Marathon - Los Angeles (gah! This has been in the stash for a while - too lazy to find a good link).

I've cast on, in the same yarn, a pair with 44 sts. Those will be for the cousin.

After that, looms the big question. What do I do for the boy? Purple and lime green are too girly, otherwise this yarn would be perfect.

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